CNC Cubs Marquee

A Great Project from JD Builds

CNC Cubs Marquee
CNC Cubs Marquee

Last week we shared a great project from Justin DeBoer of JD Builds. This week he sent us an image of this sweet Cubs Marquee sign he made with his MakerMade CNC Kit. Here’s what he says about the process:

This project was inspired after scrolling through the projects section of the Maslow Forums. The design is not my own, credit goes to @ScrumdyBum for the drawing file. This was one of the first projects that I cut out with my machine, and I must say it turned out very well!

Let’s go through the steps really quickly:

  1. Since the file was already drawn and a CAM was already set up, it just needed to be opened in Ground Control!
  2. Make sure to secure your plywood very well with no clamps or screws in the way. For this project I used MDF because of how smooth it can be cut!
  3. The bit setup is critical with this sign because there are three different sized bits all trying to cut on the same plane. Each bit change needed to be done so that the bit was at the same height each time inside of the router so that the end cut was smooth.
  4. I made my first mistake here. I used a ¾ inch bit rather than a half inch completely by accident. So, I had to restart the project after I realized my mistake!
  5. After the sign was cut out, I had to sand everywhere that was cut to smooth out the surface before paint.
  6. I originally approached painting thinking I could spray-paint the red then come back and do all the detail work. That was not the best Idea. The spray-paint did not adhere correctly to the MDF causing some issues. Once I sorted those out I was able to paint everything by hand and it ended up turning out great!

If you plan on attempting this project, make sure you have a dust collection system. This will make the whole project go much smoother! Also make sure you use the right bits and keep them all at the same height!

There is a Time-lapse of this project being cut on my YouTube Channel!

I will be making a full project video on this sign in the near future!

My next immediate project will be a stool so that I can sit and work at my laptop while something is cutting out next to me! I have seen a few interesting designs and I will try to incorporate the best functionality as well as looks!


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