Behind the Scenes at Our CNC Motor Factory!

The X/Y and Z motors from ETONM

If you didn’t know, the team here at MakerMade is pretty serious about ensuring the consistent quality and ongoing improvement of all our parts and kits.  This month, Patrick (Co-Founder) and TJ (Operations Manager and general “Sourcing Wizard”) got the chance to meet with our CNC motor factory in Shenzhen, China.

Left to Right: Charles (Lead Engineer), TJ (MM Ops), Patrick (MM), Angela (Agent to MM)

With Maker’s dedicated office just down the street and TJ at the helm, it was a quick ride over to the factory to see how the motors, which are at the heart of the Maslow kit, come to life.The factory team was incredibly welcoming, with Charles (lead motor engineer) and Angela (our sales representative) giving us a full tour of the production facility to see how the motors are made.

Bespoke CNC component milling floor

While some key internal components are sourced from specialty suppliers across the globe, others, like the gears, are custom-milled on-site.  It is seriously impressive to see these enormous machines and several workers bring such intricate components to life!

Motor Gear- before and after milling

After reviewing production, we spent the next few hours with Charles and Angela combing through current motor designs, discussing ways to address the thoughts, requests, and insights we get from our customers every day: speed, torque, size, design, weight – all were discussed in terms of how we can continuously improve the design of our kits.

With all that, we’re happy to say that there are some exciting new features that may be available soon.  Keep an eye out for more news to come!



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  1. Hi,
    I’m seriously thinking about purchasing your wonderful CNC kit if everything that it appears to be able to perform is true and accurate. I’m very interested to learn more about how it functions and the components making it work. Does the supporting software come included?

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