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3D Printed Healthcare Solutions

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare system is facing a shortage of necessary PPE equipment and a potential future shortage of ventilators to treat severe cases. Incredibly, we’ve seen people from all walks of life – engineering, medicine, hobbyists – all come together to create some incredible solutions to these issues. We especially love seeing all of the solutions that involve 3D Printing for the local manufacturing of needed equipment. We wanted to compile a list of all of the incredible new projects we’ve seen in case there is a need locally to you that you’re able to help with. We’ll continue to update this list as new projects are created. If we’ve missed something worthwhile, please let us know and we’ll get it added! If you’re wanting to help, we recommend assessing the need in your own communities before you choose where to start. According to the doctors we’ve spoken with, the best way to figure out the biggest needs in your area would be to contact your state’s health department (list here) or to contact the head of the ICU at your local hospital. Hands-Free Door OpenersThese hands-free door openers are a great universal application

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Christmas Display with Maslow CNC + 3DPrinter

Today we’ve got our next Maker Feature with Jamie from sharpsburg_woodworker on the Maslow forum.  Tell us about how you use your Maslow: I went out to my shop one day and decided to design and cut out Christmas Yard Art Decorations. The project included drawing out the character on a sheet of plywood and then cutting the outline. I quickly discovered that I can’t draw, paint or cut a curved line. I wasn’t able to get a perfect cut on the project and it was difficult to draw the character. I saw Maslow CNC and instantly fell in love with this machine. I started saving money over 6 months and bought my CNC in the second batch. I quickly learned makercam and inkscape. I also learned onshape to help other creators on their projects. I have a serious love for Christmas and host a full light show that is synchronized to music. I am fully invested in using my Maslow CNC for cutting out characters to fill up my whole yard. I use my marker holder to draw out the inner lines of a character and then switch to the router to cut the characters. My family all get

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3D Printer In-Depth Overview with Jacob

We’ve been so excited about getting our 3D printer out to you all and knew you’d have a LOT of questions about our set up. Jacob has been more seriously designing and testing high-temperature printers for the last 3 years to include liquid-cooled hotends, steppers, boards, >400C hotends, heated chambers, and the like. He currently owns 5 off the shelf printers from various manufacturers and typically has 2-3 printers in various states of functionality to test ideas and new products. We sent a model to Jacob to test for us he gave us a great rundown on the details of the machine and his thoughts. You can read his detailed overview below! Finally, some free time to talk about the Maker Made maker300 3d printer. I have a pre-production machine, and am very much into the 3d printing ‘scene’ and happy to answer any questions. I have gone through every inch of the machine, so let’s start with what’s included Packaging The printer came very well packaged. My delivery driver is Ace Ventura and despite his attempts, everything inside the box was in mint condition. Included was 200G of PLA, enough to get some prints done and ensure everything’s working

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