Tools & Resources for Educators

At Maker Made, we believe that STEM and project-based learning are vital to education. That’s why we provide an education discount to schools, libraries and other education based organizations and offer our very own 3D Printing grant program for any educational organization or platform! Whether you are building a Makerspace or adding technology to your school or classroom our affordable CNC machines and 3D Printers are the perfect way to get started, no matter your experience level.

Training & Support

We know how hard it is to learn and use new technology. That’s why we have a 30 day money-back guarantee and a one year warranty. You can contact our support here or learn more on our resource page. We also offer live streams every week for new Maker Made CNC users and will start weekly 3D printing live streams as soon as the 300x launches!

CNC Machines

Upright DIY CNC machines with 4’x8’ of maker space and a small footprint.

3D Printers

The M300x - A 3D Printer with practical features for creative creatures of all experience levels.

why project-based learning?

Digital manufacturing, such as CNC machines and 3D printers, are a vital part of the process of how things are made. By learning the design and mechanical skills required for their use, students gain real-world knowledge of the processes used at organizations around the world to prepare them for future careers or life-long hobbies.

Robots such as these are engaging tools for any curriculum and a fun way to learn advanced concepts. If you haven’t seen a 3rd grader’s eyes light up as they watch a 3D printer create a design they made on a computer, you’re missing out! 

 By working with these tools, students also learn transferable life skills. Perseverance, teamwork, design iteration, computational thinking, problem solving, and creativity – projects require all those and more. The possibilities are endless!

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3D Printer Grant for Educators

Maker Made started as a passion for serving the maker community and that remains our first priority. We aim to provide the highest quality tools at affordable prices, especially for educators.

We are continuing a grant, originally by NWA3D, to encourage imagination and innovation in 3D printing—and ultimately to award a deserving applicant with tools to help turn their educational 3D printing goals into reality!

Meet our Resident Educator

Drew Wallis grew up in Arkansas and Pennsylvania and graduated with a Double Major in Communication and International Relations from the University of Arkansas in 2010. He then became a licensed teacher and taught in the classroom for four years. 

In 2015, Drew co-founded NWA3D, an educational 3D printing company that sold 3D printers to schools from 2015-2020. Having previously worked with Maker Made developing a 3D printer, he became Maker Made’s 3D Printing Team Lead in the Fall of 2020.

Besides emerging technology and education, Drew has a passion for D&D, drumming, and biking. He currently lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with his cat Spaghetti and calls the Hogs on a semi-frequent basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Very! Our M300x was made with both newbies and seasoned users in mind. The M300x can be set up and printing in under an hour and includes 3 intuitive user modes (Beginner, Educator, and Expert). It’s made for users that just want extra guidance, are using the machine for education, or need total control of the firmware.

They come in kits and are considered a DIY project. They take some assembly and set up before they are fully functioning. That being said, we’ve done all we can to make set up as seamless as possible. We also have a wonderful community of makers who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

You will need to provide your own router and purchase wood to build the frame. Click here to learn more about our CNC options and more about the process!

Yes! Please fill out this form and we will send you a formal quote.

Yes! We host live streams every week for new Maker Made CNC users and will start weekly 3D printing livestreams as soon as the 300x launches.