My MakerMade CNC Adventure: Unboxing

Hi, I’m Rachel! I joined the MakerMade team about a month ago as a designer. I quickly decided that to turn out great, user friendly designs, I’d need to learn more about how the MakerMade CNC Kit works. I talked it over with the MakerMade team and they agreed that it would be awesome if I could take each project all the way through from design to gcode to cut and build. So they sent me a kit! Some of my goals are to:

  • create designs that account for the size of the bit and other physical constraints
  • create Gcode that’s as efficient as possible- no 3 day cutting odysseys
  • create full tutorials with pictures of each and every project in our library
  • add to the body of knowledge about CNC to make it accessible to an even wider audience

I’ve always loved to make things, before “maker” was a thing. I have that stubborn “I can do that myself” outlook, whether it’s building garden beds and chicken coops, or refining my own beeswax. But for the past few years most of my “making” has been on the screen. I’m thrilled for this opportunity to bring my designs from pixel to plywood and hopefully contribute in some small way to the community of CNC makers. Exciting things are in store. As soon as I, er, open the box…

MakerMade CNC kit, open box

Well that wasn’t hard. After weeks of reading through the forums and anticipating all the things I’m going to design and make, it’s finally here. My kit, along with the four extra bits I ordered. I’m so excited to embark on this adventure with so many of you who are ordering and receiving your new kits as we speak! Let’s build great things together!



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