My Makermade CNC Adventure: What’s In Those Hardware Bags?

After I did the last post, we got a lot of questions about those mysterious little hardware bags. They’re just labeled 1-8, and yes, it can be hard to know what’s what! This is exactly why it’s so great that MakerMade has given me this assignment. I’m seeing everything with the eyes of a novice and the things that are confusing to you are confusing to me too! I sat down, combed through the instructions, and through process of elimination, and deductive reasoning, sorted it all out. It took me awhile, and now that’s something that nobody else will ever have to suffer through! I’ve even identified a few components that are no longer needed, and made some suggestions for components to add. So here’s what’s what in the hardware bags:

*for a downloadable PDF click here 1.0_WhatsInYourKit 

Bag #1

Hardware for attaching the chains to the frame

Bag #2

Bungee cords and hardware for attaching the cords to the frame

Bag #3

Hardware for attaching the bolts to the sled

Bag #4

Multiple uses

Bag #5

Hardware for attaching the motors to the motor mounts

Bag #6

Hardware for attaching the Arduino to the frame

Bag #7

Hardware for attaching the carriages to the ring

Bag #8

Hardware for attaching the l-brackets to the ring

Bag Z

Hardware for adding the Z Motor


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2 Responses

  1. Hi
    I am really interested in buying the maslow cnc .
    Before I buy it can you tell me if it cuts acrylic and polycarbonate also perspex.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thanks bipin Patel.

    1. The Maslow CNC can cut hard plastics- acrylic, nylon, uPVC, hard PVC, and soft plastics- polycarbonate, polyethylene, soft PVC. For a complete list of materials it can cut see the FAQ.

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