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So a component broke, or got mixed up in shipping.  Serious bummer.  But fear not! Here’s how you get your new part:

  1. Find the item number or product description your customer service representative provided.
  2. Select that item in the item dropdown menu below, and place your order.
  3. Please also be sure to mention your customer service representative’s name in your order Notes section.
  4. Your replacement component will be in the mail ASAP.

Please note, all warranty orders go through a confirmation process with your customer service representative to confirm the order validity.

We really appreciate your ongoing support, patience, and excitement for Maker Made’s products!

Team MM


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Item Number

Product Description

203M2 Wall Mount Brackets (4)
204Complete M2 Due Board with Case
208M2 Dust-Collecting Sled
400Standard Pre-Made Sled for Maslow CNC
540Full Price Pre-Order with Sample Projects (January Ship)
785CNC Straight-Cut Router Bit
786CNC Compression Bit
787CNC V-Groove 60 Degree and 90 Degree Combo Bit
789CNC Up Cut Router Bit
799CNC Down Cut Router Bit
8011.2 Maslow Complete Arduino Shield Set
8101.2 Arduino Mega 2560
820Bungee Cords (2)
830Drive Chains (2) – 10ft
830-1Drive Chains (2) – 15ft
840Blue Sled Ring (no accessories included)
850Universal Power Adapter- US
851Universal Power Adapter- UK
852Universal Power Adapter- EU
853Universal Power Adapter- AU
860Ring Kit (Ring, Bearings, L-Brackets, Carriage Brackets)
8701.2 Maslow USB Cable
871USB to Micro-USB Cable for M2 DUE (15ft)
880XY Drive Motor (sold individually)
888USB Flash Drive Lanyard
890XY Motor Mounting Brackets (2)
900Single XY Motor Power Cable
910Z-Axis Kit (Shaft Coupler, Mounting Brackets, Motor, Power Cable)
911Universal Z-Axis Motor
912Universal Z-Axis Motor Cable
913Maslow Z-Axis Motor Shaft Coupler
920Slack sprockets for chain (2)
841Pulley Bearings
10016 Pack of Screws
842X/Y Motor Sprocket
862Universal Ring Bearings (4)
863Universal L-Brackets(3)
864Universal Blue Carriage Brackets (2)
205Top Spring Kit (spring + 2 Quick Links)
202M2 Z-Axis Upgrade Kit
206M2 71mm Router Clamp
207M2 91mm Router Clamp
209Router Clamp Reducer 71mm to 65mm Sleeve
7841/4″ Ball Nose Bit
7831/8″ Straight Cut Bit
7811/8″ Down Cut Bit
7821/8″ Up Cut Bit
7701/4″ – 1/8″ Collet Reducer
7901/8″ Bit 3pk (up/dwn/straight/case/collet reducer)

Additional information

Warranty Products

203 M2 Wall Mount Brackets (4), 204 Complete M2 Due Board with Case, 208 M2 Dust-Collecting Sled, 400 Standard Pre-Made Sled for Maslow CNC, 785 CNC Straight-Cut Router Bit, 786 CNC Compression Bit, 787 CNC V-Groove 60 Degree and 90 Degree Combo Bit, 789 CNC Up Cut Router Bit, 799 CNC Down Cut Router Bit, 801 1.2 Maslow Complete Arduino Shield Set, 820 Bungee Cords (2), 830 Drive Chains (2) – 10ft, 830-1 Drive Chains (2) – 15ft, 840 Blue Sled Ring (no accessories included), 850 Universal Power Adapter- US, 851 Universal Power Adapter- UK, 852 Universal Power Adapter- EU, 853 Universal Power Adapter- AU, 860 Ring Kit (Ring, Bearings, L-Brackets, Carriage Brackets), 870 1.2 Maslow USB Cable, 871 USB to Micro-USB Cable for M2 DUE (15ft), 880 XY Drive Motor (sold individually), 888 USB Flash Drive Lanyard, 890 XY Motor Mounting Brackets (2), 900 Single XY Motor Power Cable, 910 Maslow Z-Axis Kit (Shaft Coupler, Mounting Brackets, Motor, Power Cable), 911 Universal Z-Axis Motor, 912 Universal Z-Axis Motor Cable, 913 Maslow Z-Axis Motor Shaft Coupler, 920 Slack sprockets for chain (2), 802 Universal Heat sink, 842 X/Y Motor Sprocket, 862 Universal Ring Bearings (4), 863 Universal L-Brackets(3), 864 Universal Blue Carriage Brackets (2), 205 Top Spring Kit (spring + 2 Quick Links), 202 M2 Z-Axis Upgrade Kit, 206 M2 71mm Router Clamp, 207 M2 91mm Router Clamp, 209 Router Clamp Reducer 71mm to 65mm Sleeve, 784 1/4" Ball Nose Bit, 783 1/8" Straight Cut Bit, 781 1/8" Down Cut Bit, 782 1/8" Up Cut Bit, 770 1/4" – 1/8" Collet Reducer, 1001 6 Pack of Screws, 790 1/8" Bit 3pk (up/dwn/straight/case/collet reducer), !!!!!!, ?????

1 review for Warranty Parts

  1. Mike

    Honestly, this company is doing amazing for being so small. If something broke or is missing Maker Made is more than happy to send out a replacement part. One of my grub screws was stripped and didn’t want to grab so my Z-axis kept slipping. Sent a message to makermade on Facebook and the next day there was a complete bearing being delivered by Fedex

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