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Jeff’s Bonnaroo Sign

We’re so excited to be sharing this project today. Jeff McLeid from Twisted Scenic had the opportunity to do an installation project for Bonnaroo. He designed, cut an installed the entrance to the “Self Love Sanctuary” hosted by Haley Williams of Paramore. Jeff says, “It’s 1 layer of hdpe, 1/8” plexi, 1/2” mdf, 1/4” polycarbonate and another top layer of MDF. Letters were made of a compressed pvc material that’s hard like acrylic (and destroys bits but totally worth it). I cut the plexi by hand. The client was very happy with this end result. And the effect worked just the way I needed it too.”   Jeff’s got some great other projects in the pipeline we’re excited to share when they’re ready so stay tuned!

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My MakerMade CNC Adventure: Unboxing

Hi, I’m Rachel! I joined the MakerMade team about a month ago as a designer. I quickly decided that to turn out great, user friendly designs, I’d need to learn more about how the MakerMade CNC Kit works. I talked it over with the MakerMade team and they agreed that it would be awesome if I could take each project all the way through from design to gcode to cut and build. So they sent me a kit! Some of my goals are to: create designs that account for the size of the bit and other physical constraints create Gcode that’s as efficient as possible- no 3 day cutting odysseys create full tutorials with pictures of each and every project in our library add to the body of knowledge about CNC to make it accessible to an even wider audience I’ve always loved to make things, before “maker” was a thing. I have that stubborn “I can do that myself” outlook, whether it’s building garden beds and chicken coops, or refining my own beeswax. But for the past few years most of my “making” has been on the screen. I’m thrilled for this opportunity to bring my designs from pixel

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John’s Killer CNC Punisher Logo

There’s no question about it, one of John’s first projects on the Maker CNC kit is a hit, and took just 45 minutes to cut!  As a retired Air Force veteran, John started woodworking 2 years ago.  Now that he’s creating custom works like this one for sale, the MakerMade CNC kit seems to fit the bill for his production needs. Here’s John’s own words about the project: “I used common ¾” plywood with a .25in end mill bit. I painted the item white then burned around the edges.” “It took about 45 min. to cut. I had the pattern already and just needed to scale it up.” Regarding the his CNC frame layout- “I built the ‘bolt together frame’ and put it on wheels. As you can see in the enclosed photos space in my shop is limited so I am able to easily move it when needed. I was able to position the cut in the corner of my material keeping wasted material at a minimum.” John was even kind enough to include the finished gCode file, which you can download HERE in our totally free drive of ready-t0-go projects.  Look for “DECOR Punisher.gcode“ To follow what John is

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Grant’s Maker Story

[vc_row el_id=”1550295731713-0793516e-08b0″ css=”.vc_custom_1550299464817{margin-bottom: 30px !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Grant’s had an interest in woodworking since he was young. It’s a family tradition–Grant’s grandpa worked in construction and made him toys in his spare time. Those happy memories of running around with his handmade rubber band guns and even a big wooden wagon have turned in to a way for he and his wife to work together to give that same joy to their friends and family. Now, they’re passing that family tie on through making things for their children. With woodworking being a hobby, Grant and his wife were interested in a CNC machine, but didn’t want it to take up a lot of space. Neither of them had any experience with a CNC machine or graphic design, but MakerMade allowed them to have an easy access point to begin dreaming up ideas. “The idea that for a relatively small investment, we could basically create anything we wanted in our own garage was really something we were excited about.” When the kit arrived, they assembled and calibrated with relative ease and quickly began working on small, “starter” projects like decorations for their home, word art signs, etc. Once they got comfortable with how it

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