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General Principles: Our intention is to develop a marketplace community to expand  the maker movement. This feature is made available with the intention that our marketplace will become an ecosystem that offers makers like yourself, the opportunity to create, exchange and learn.
This marketplace is offered by Maker Made for the benefit of the community, our users will be encouraged to develop the commercial and licensing terms for content exchanged. Maker Made ask that the community make use of the marketplace within certain parameters- more fully set forth in terms set forth herein.
·Your use of any content should be for your personal, non-commercial use.
·Your use of any content made available by another user of this site should respect the terms they set forth prior to sharing their content.
Maker Made does not allow the use of distribution of the following content”
•      designs that violate the rights of a third party
Maker Made sets forth the following Acceptable Use Policies. Maker Made may prohibit, remove or delete the following content or designs, and accordingly suspend or terminate accounts responsible for their display and distribution:
•      designs that resemble weapons or their accessories, or may be used for the purposes of carrying out harmful or illegal activity
•      designs that are sexually explicit, or exploit minors or their likeness
•      designs that promote hatred, racism, violence, abuse, threats, obscenities or are otherwise deemed to be divisive
•      designs determined to be offensive by Maker Made, Maker Market, or our community