About Maker Made

Maker Made started as a passion for serving the maker community and that remains our first priority. We aim to provide the highest quality tools at affordable prices. We know your time is valuable and we want to help you make the most of it. We want to help you make more for yourself, your family, your business. Make for fun, make for love, make to provide – make more of what inspires you.

When you make a purchase with Maker Made, you’re immediately welcomed into our Maker Community. Between our Makers’ Facebook group and ongoing support, someone is always around to give advice, assistance or feedback. 

While we began in 2018 as a way to fill demand for Maslow CNC machines, we’ve since made improvements to the original and we’ve added our own unique products. We’re constantly innovating in order to serve the Maker Community. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions for us. Feel free to fill out our contact form or look us up on the Maslow forums (@MakerMadeCNC)! Find us on Facebook and Instagram and tag your projects #MakerMade! 

Our Founders

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Chris Skiles and Patrick Kinnamon are the founders of Maker Made. We are both avid makers and lovers of technology. Any time we get an opportunity to take on a DIY project, we take it. That’s what brought us together to make these machines. We love the freedom our CNC kits provide and want to create a world where anyone that wants to Make More can have access to purchase the best quality machine at the best price.

Patrick Kinnamon

Founder & President

A big supporter and fan of the maker movement, Patrick has always had a passion for design, invention and innovation.  Growing up in Texas, he was heavily involved in painting, drafting and all things creative.  After college, this skill set continued to drive him forward, leading to multiple successful product launches at retail. 

When he’s not in front of his computer, Patrick spends time outside with his gorgeous wife, Ellen and their dog, Cora.

Chris Skiles

Founder & Resident Nerd

Chris has always been a Maker. As a kid he assisted his father, who worked as a carpenter.  Chris joined the United States Army after high school and received training as a track vehicle mechanic. After the Army, he received a degree in Information Systems from the University of Arkansas and embarked on a career as a Software Engineer.

In his free time, Chris enjoys working on projects in his garage “shop”. His toys include everything from a table saw to a C02 laser. He thoroughly enjoys the making and loves to talk tech with anyone who will listen.

Team Maker Made

Since 2018, our maker team has grown. Each of our team members pour countless hours into product development, support and community of Maker Made. We want to continue to support the Maker community for years to come with continued innovation and design.


TJ is a sourcing and manufacturing wizard.


Nate is a software engineer whose focus is on designing and supporting Maker Made products and technologies.


Sarah uses her degree and experience in graphic design and marketing to the Maker Made team. She lives in Gilbert, AZ with her husband, and three kids.


Payton brings 10 years of marketing experience to her role as Brand Manager. She lives in Fayetteville, AR with her husband, two year old daughter and rescue dogs.


Chad has been developing digital marketing strategies for 10 years. He lives in Dublin, Ohio with his wife and four children.


Joel is too busy to fill out this form. He is either troubleshooting something or checking on your order. Joel gets weirded out typing in third person.