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M2 Firmware

Click the button below to download the latest MakerMade M2 firmware.

Weekly Q&A Session

As part of your purchase, you’re welcome every Thursday to a [virtual] Q&A session and hangout. We’d love to see you there if you need help with setup, calibration, have questions or just want to meet some members of the MakerMade team and our maker community! Our CNC Q&A is hosted by founder, Patrick and our 3DP Q&A is hosted by our resident 3D Printing Specialist, Drew.

CNC Q&A Session

Join us every Thursday at 11am CT

Meeting ID: 853 6611 3933 | Passcode: make it

3DP Q&A Session

Join us every Thursday at 9am CT

Meeting ID: 898 9252 2341 | Passcode: printit

Our 2021 M2 Video Playlist

M2 tips, tutorials and walkthroughs from our team to you!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended router? + -

The M2 kits include a 71mm router clamp and use a smaller palm router such as the DeWalt 611. If you purchase the upgrade kit, you will use the same router type as the original Maslow kits – a 91mm router clamp with a rigid router with z-axis plunge such as the Rigid R22002. You can view a full list of recommendations here.