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Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout
Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout


  • MakerMade CNC XY Axis Motor (1)


    MakerMade CNC XY Axis Motor for CNC kit- the game-changer for precision cutting! Crafted with the highest-quality materials, this motor delivers st...

  • MakerMade CNC Z-Axis Motor (1)


    MakerMade CNC Z-Axis Motor (1) - the ultimate tool for precise and reliable movement of your CNC machine!Made with high-quality materials, this mo...

  • MakerMade 65mm Router Clamp

    Current Price $29.00
    Original Price $49.00

    Solid aluminum mount for 65mm routers like MakerMade's CNC Router with ER-11 Collet, Makita RT0701, and Bauer Trim Router. Compatible with the M2,...

  • MakerMade M2 91mm Router Clamp


    MakerMade M2 91mm Router Adapter Clamp with Bolts- the powerhouse tool for unbeatable stability and precision! For use with the M2 or M2 upgrade ki...

  • MakerMade M2 71mm Router Clamp


    Solid aluminum mount to secure your router. The front plate adjusts to accommodate varying sizes of routers. Compatible with 71mm size routers such...

  • MakerMade Maslow CNC Z-axis Upgrade

    Current Price $199.00
    Original Price $299.00

    Upgrade your Basic Maslow kit with this Z-Axis Upgrade kit. This Z-axis assembly can replace the Ridgid router base on your existing Maslow. Alumin...

  • MakerMade Millie 775 Motor


    Introducing MakerMade Millie 775 Motor, a powerful 775 Spindle Motor specially designed for CNC500. Take your CNC projects to new heights with this...

  • MakerMade M2 Due Board


    The upgraded M2 DUE Board and shield are here to take your Maslow to the next level!  Improved tech make this board a must for serious Maslow users...

  • MakerMade M2 Stud Mounts (4)


    Save space in your CNC shop and time during setup with these M2 stud-mounts.  These wall/frame brackets are the very first of their kind.  Use to m...

  • MakerMade Standard 1/4" Upcut Router Bit

    MakerMade 1/4" Upcut Router Bit


    When speed matters more than clean edges, Standard 1/4" Upcut Router Bit delivers a deeper plunge and faster carving. Great for Yard Art, Furniture...

  • MakerMade Digital Caliper


    Looking for a reliable and accurate digital caliper to measure your CNC projects? Our MakerMade Digital Caliper has a large LCD display that instan...

  • MakerMade Speed Square


    Our Speed Square is a versatile and accurate measuring tool for your CNC project. This triangular-shaped device assists with measuring angles and m...

  • MakerMade Measurement Kit


    3 of our MakerMade measurement products combined in one bundle, at one great price! The MakerMade Measurement Bundle includes our Tape Measure, Spe...

  • Makermade Embroidered Beanie


    The perfect beanie has arrived! This embroidered beauty has a snug fit that ensures you're going to feel cozy and warm whatever you're doing. • ...

  • Makermade Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

    from $26.00

    This thick cotton t-shirt makes for a go-to wardrobe staple! It's comfortable, soft, and its tubular construction means it's less fitted. • 100...

  • Makermade Trucker Cap


    Complete your outfit with an embroidered trucker cap—combine it with a sports tee, slacks, and comfy shoes. It has a classic structured fit, adjust...

  • Sold out

    MakerMade Chain Breaker


    The MakerMade Chain Breaker is the ultimate tool for cleanly breaking chains with ease. With its innovative design and easy-to-use function, the Ch...