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  • MakerMade M2 CNC Kit

    from $1,198.00

    Ships in 1-2 business days! The ideal CNC machine for small business owners, DIYers and hobbyists, MakerMade M2 delivers a massive cutting area and...

  • MakerMade CNC Router with ER-11 collet

    Current Price $99.00
    Original Price $150.00

    MakerMade's CNC Router with an ER-11 collet opens you up to a whole new world of router bits and End Mills not found on your standard hardware s...

  • MakerMade M2 Due Board


    The upgraded M2 DUE Board and shield are here to take your Maslow to the next level!  Improved tech make this board a must for serious Maslow users...

  • MakerMade M2 Stud Mounts (4)


    Save space in your CNC shop and time during setup with these M2 stud-mounts.  These wall/frame brackets are the very first of their kind.  Use to m...

  • MakerMade 300X Adhesive Print Surface

    Current Price $40.00
    Original Price $59.99

    Get the print quality of glass, with the adhesion of glue, and the easy removal of a peel-off sticker, all in one great 300x 3D printing bed mat. T...

  • MakerMade M2 71mm Router Clamp

    Current Price $25.00
    Original Price $49.00

    Solid aluminum mount to secure your router. The front plate adjusts to accommodate varying sizes of routers. Compatible with 71mm size routers such...