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Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout

MakerMade Mini CNC500

Current Price $698.00
Original Price $898.00

MakerMade Mini CNC500

Current Price $698.00
Original Price $898.00

Introducing our compact and versatile MakerMade Mini CNC500 Machine!

***Select a Router/Spindle option below, or select "Neither" if you have your own router/spindle that you would like to use.***

The corresponding clamp will be included with Router/Spindle add-on. If you choose the "neither" option and don't already have a clamp or would like an additional clamp, you can add one of the following compatible clamps***

With 500mm of working space this compact machine is designed to perform precise cuts, drills, and carving. The MM Mini CNC500 is built to last and can handle all your creative ideas and turn them into reality.

Features a 3-axis motion control that gives you the power to create intricate and unique designs easily. The powerful stepper motor has been developed to perform high-speed cuts to maximize efficiency and precision.

The MakerMade Mini CNC500 is easy to use and easy to set up. With its simple interface and controls, you'll be cutting in no time. Compact, simple, and quiet, perfect for any workspace.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a certified Maker, or simply looking for a powerful and versatile tool for your workshop, this mini CNC machine is perfect for you.

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Technology: CNC Cutting/Routing (Computer Numerical Controlled) 

Cutting Volume: 500 mm x 500 mm x 50 mm (19.5 in x 19.5 in x 2 in) 

Maximum Cutting Speed: Up to 800 mm per minute (31.5 in per minute) 

Material compatibility: Hardwoods, Plywood, MDF, Laminate, Hard Plastics (acrylic, nylon, uPVC, hard PVC), Soft Plastics (polycarbonate, polyethylene, soft PVC), thin sheet aluminum 

Router Bit Compatibility: Any drill, milling, or specialty bit that is compatible with your router 

Router Bit Size: 1/8 in-1/2 in (Depending on router used) 

Router Specifics: Based on router used, see our recommend router list for individual differences 

Accuracy: Less than 1 mm variance  


Weight: 60lbs (27.2 kg) 

Package Size: 30 in x 1in x 14 in (L x W x H) 

Construction: Aluminum with a steel lead screw, MDF waste board 

X,Y, and Z motors: Industrial Drive Motors 

Max Plunge Depth: 50 mm (2 in) 

Router Clamp: Clamp included with Spindle (45 mm) or MakerMade router (65 mm) purchase 

Z-Axis: 95 mm travel 

Router: See manufacturer specifications 


Power: 5 amp power supply 

Arduino: MKS DLC-32 

Firmware: MKS-DLC 32 Firmware 

Connectivity: micro USBWifi 

Router: See manufacturer specifications 


File Format: Gcode

Included with the CNC500

1-Year Limited Warranty 

Guides, videos, online resources, and community 

Tools for Kit Assembly 

US Power Cord  

Support by MakerMade 

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Michelle R.

Could be better

Not as sturdy as I would expect. Also, the last screw to hold the control screen where it attaches to the machine would not grab at all, it’s barely hanging on with one screw.

John SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Product is great, I own several Maker products. I just wish they would resolve their shipping issues. This is the second order where I haven’t received the full order and have to wait to use my new product.

Micah G.
United States United States


I have had it a week and have only get it to make a single drill hole in the wood. It won't even communicate with the software. By the way, the software doesn't even include their machine, you have to manually add it in. So do not buy. Also, support sucks.

United States United States

Mini CNC500 | Nice Machine

I was one of the first to pre-order the machine, and it took longer than expected to be shipped. After a few emails to the support team it was received. It came in a nice box, well packaged, with everything you needed (the Maker Router came in a separate package, any other accessories will be sent separately as well I guess). I used the PDF document that they provided via email with the instructions to assemble it. I had no problems, one or another screw needed adjustment, the rest was easy (Take your time). For the price, it is a pretty solid entry-level piece of equipment. It's not 100% perfect, but it works so far. I hope they continue making updates to improve it and provide accessories such as a Z Probe, dust collecting, etc. Really happy with the purchase.

United States United States


Instructions.... TERRIBLE. I was missing the M5-45 or maybe they are supposed to be M5-20 screws to connect the cutting bed to the side rails. Had to go to my local hardware store to source the additional fasteners you'll need to get 4 Stainless steel . With the exception of the z axis, the machine only has one limit switch for each axis so it can over travel in the x and y directions. I was very unimpressed by this. The z axis limits are in parallel so the machine only know you hit a limit and not a specific limit direction, which makes the second limits for x and y not being there that much more sad.... The power switch operated twice properly but now is just on all the time, I have to use the E-stop switch to shut down the machine... The homing positioning drifts about 1/64-1/128" in all axis whenever it is re-homed. My left rail for the y axis had a massive dent in it on the bottom that required me to loosen and adjust the cover plate just to assemble the CNC. The X axis wiring comes up in a slit between this rail cap and the X axis support arm and rubs on the metal cap which I find a likely electrical short concern for the future, I will have to cut the metal cap back to give the wire way some breathing room to prevent chaffing. ball screw couplings have 0 damping, which is great when the bottom out at the end of the machine..... The power driver at the Z axis to run a tool are not good enough for running your dewalt router (unless you want a new home). They were kind enough to not make sure the cable tray had space for your router power cord.... Homing function is a mathematical approximation and not a scripted operation to drive the screws until the limit is actuated and then pulled back slightly like just about 100% of other CNC's, I assume this is so you can set 0,0,0 wherever you want (Nice I guess) but again seems like you would want people to use the lower left corner as the zero since ITS THE ONLY PLACE YOU HAVE LIMIT SWITCHES. 10/10 would not buy again. Also the grease used on the ball screws is absolute garbage, pick yourself up some silicon dry lubricant or motor oil seems to get rid of the squeal (and yes my screws were aligned). Also no ball screw wipers or brush plates to protect the ball screws each costing very little in materials.... 10/10 would not buy again

charles SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

It was not delivered yet

Micah SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

I have sent messages to the seller about my item. They sent one message 13 days ago claiming it was shipped. I have sent several messages since then asking them for a tracking number and got no response. I even let them know I have stopped the payment until I get a tracking number or the actual product and still no reply. EDIT It has been a month and 19 days since I ordered this item. It shows "delivered" on January the 19th, but I don't have the item. I send messages, but they do not respond.

Steve T.
United States United States

CNC 500

I like the CNC 500. I had a few question on setup, there needs to be an update of the build instructions. Very little concerning wireing. I found a couple of loose screws. The most problematic were on the Z-access screws. They need locktite .

United States United States

haven't tried yet but had fund trying to assemble.

I preordered to have by Xmas only to later find out the ones that ordered the millie motor had to wait until 12-25 to 1-1 that turned into late January. The instructions given over email by the company seems to be from an earlier iteration as there was some minor differences. the two ribbon cables that connect to the display aren't labeled and they connect side by side. no instructions on this issue in the instructions. I completed up until the milli motor install as shown on the manual. then the millie comes it and its different than what's advertised and shown in the book. the new set up is better but it wasn't clear at first what to do. because the millie now comes with a housing and mounted to a bracket clamp. I had to remove the original millie bracket and mount the millie as if I was going to put on the clamp for a big router. The y cable was misrouted and has to be rerouted so the cutting board doesn't pinch the cable or you have to notch out the corner of the cutting board to allow the cable to run through without pinching. with there was more information on how it connects to a computer instead of just using a sd card.

United States United States

Not too bad

TheCNC500 was easy to assemble even though the instructions list and hardware bags are not the same. The hard home stop on the Y axis does not work. It is too far forward on frame. The E-stop is wired wrong, theE-stop is the power button and the power button does nothing from what I can tell. For what I paid it is fine and it cuts like it should so I'm not going to complain. Oh also check all the per-assembled hardware to make sure it is tight. I had bolts falling out of the Z axis on the first cut run.