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MakerMade loves partnering with Maker focused media outlets around the world to share unique stories and promote the Maker movement. Please contact

About MakerMade

At MakerMade, we are passionate about serving the Maker community through innovative and intuitive products. We aim to provide the highest quality tools at affordable prices to enable the creativity of Makers everywhere and encourage the growth of the Maker movement. Our mission is to create a world where anyone that wants to Make more can have access to the best quality machine at the best price.

Since 2018, MakerMade has been developing and producing innovative tools and products such as CNC Kits, 3D Printers and Maker software as well as supporting a community of Makers through our forums and project marketplace. We hope to inspire our Makers to re-imagine what is possible through our products and platform. We will continue to support the Maker community as our priority for years to come with continued innovation, design, and community growth.

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MakerMade in The News

  • Make Magazine Vol 68
    April 8, 2019

    Make Magazine Vol 68

    MakerMade CNC stepped forward and made kits available again in only a few months after the last kit from Maslow shipped. Their mission is to continue the work of Bar and others by investing in updates to make the kit accessible to a wider audience of Makers, and introduce products and accessories that will further enhance its functionality and capabilities.
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