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Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout
Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout

Maslow Firmware

Click the button below to download the Maslow firmware for using the Arduino Mega (original Maslow board) with WebControl or Makerverse.

Weekly Maker Q&A Session

As part of your purchase, you’re welcome every Thursday to a [virtual] Maker Q&A session and hangout. We’d love to see you there if you need help with setup, calibration, have questions or just want to meet some members of the MakerMade team and our maker community!

Maker Q&A Session

Join us every Thursday at 1pm CT

Meeting ID: 853 6611 3933 | Passcode: make it


What types of materials can the CNC cut? + -

Our CNC’s can cut sheet goods such as: hardwoods
, plywood
, laminate
, hard plastics (acrylic, nylon, uPVC, hard PVC)
, and soft plastics (polycarbonate, polyethylene, soft PVC)
. Some users have been able to cut thin sheet aluminum using proper feed rate and bit selection.

What router do you recommend? + -

The Maslow kits require a router with z-axis plunge such as the Rigid R22002 (US) or Bosch POF 1200 (EMEA).

What are the computer requirements? + -

We recommend: Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS Version 10 or newer and any Linux OS.

CPU Requirements:

x86 or ARM64 processor

If I am building my own frame, would you recommend waiting until the order ships before starting work on the frame and sled? Or am I safe to move forward based on the frame build instructions? + -

You’re absolutely safe to get started. We recommend this as it makes the kit more “plug and play” once it arrives.

What tools do I need to assemble my kit? + -

For the wooden frame build, at minimum you’ll need a screwdriver, saw, pliers, and a C clamp. Having access to power tools like a drill and power saw definitely make the job easier, but aren’t required.

How do you adjust the router depth in Ground Control? + -

1: On the main screen of ground control (where you see the work surface) click on the Z-Axis button located next to the right down 45* arrow
2: Router bits come in different depths, make sure you are properly mounting the router bit to allow for maximum cut depth.

How can I generate GCode? + - is a good tool to generate GCode. You can watch our MakerCam basics series and Easel for Maslow our YouTube channel.

Need Help?

Click the link below to fill out a support ticket and get help from our technical support team!