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MakerMade CNC 15ft Drive Chains (set of 2)


MakerMade CNC 15ft Drive Chains (set of 2)


Revolutionize your CNC machine with the MakerMade CNC 15ft Drive Chains (set of 2) - the ultimate upgrade for precision and reliability!

Crafted with the highest quality materials, these drive chains are designed to provide unparalleled performance, ensuring smooth and precise movement of your CNC machine. With a length of 15ft, they provide ample room for larger machines and complex projects, giving you greater flexibility and control over your work.

Perfect for both hobbyists and professionals, the MakerMade CNC 15ft Drive Chains (set of 2) are easy to install and compatible with most standard CNC machines. Whether you're a woodworker, metal fabricator, or anyone in between, these drive chains will help you achieve precise and professional-grade results every time.


Check out our custom MakerMade Chain Breaker to take your 15-foot chains to 11-foot chains!

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A set of two, extra long (15ft) drive chains for the Maslow or M2 CNC.  For those looking to improve their cut accuracy at the edges of their frame (by pairing with a 12ft top beam), or create a work surface larger than the standard 4 x 8 ft Maslow frame.