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300x User Manual

The latest version of our 300x User Manual


300x assembly video

A full walkthrough of the 300x set up

Makerverse Software

Makerverse is a GRBL CNC control application that has custom controls made specifically for the M2. It can also connect to and control many other hobbyist CNC machines such as the X-carve and Shapeoko. The application is derived from the open source CNCjs project and will continue to receive new features and updates from the Maker Made team!

Our 3D Printing Video Playlist

3D Printing tips, tutorials and walkthroughs from our team to you!

Frequently asked questions

The M2 kits use a smaller palm router such as the DeWalt 611. If you purchase the upgrade kit, they use the same router type as the original Maslow kits – a rigid router with z-axis plunge such as the Rigid R22002.