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Make More For Less

Bigger projects in a fraction of the space for a fraction of the price.

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Guided Set-Up

All the resources you need to get started.

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Unrivaled Support

Dedicated support, resources and community.

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Included Warranty

1-Year Parts Replacement Warranty on all machines.

  • MakerMade M2 CNC Kit

    The world’s first wall-mounted CNC. Faster, easier, and more accurate than the original Maslow CNC.

    • 4x8 feet of Cutting Space
    • Quality Components Built to Last
    • New, all metal Z-Axis Assembly for Greater Control and Speed
    • Updated Chain Slack Management
    • ⅛” Bit for Greater Accuracy
    • Electronic Control Board with Enhanced Features
    • Comes Partially Assembled with Pre-cut Sled for Faster Setup and Enhanced Dust Collection
    • NEW Wall Mounting Brackets for Extremely Easy Storage
    • Now with Laser Engraving Option
    from $1,198.00
  • MakerMade Jumpstart Maslow CNC Kit

    The original DIY CNC kit. Great for hobbyists and tinkerers at an unbeatable price.

    • 4'x8' of Cutting Space
    • Quality Components Built to Last
    • Automatic Z-Axis Control
    • Includes 10 FREE Projects

“I’m no computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination but 2 days later I’m making my own g-code and engraving. 110% recommend!”

Jake Z.

“Thrilled to have a whole community of international backing when things go wrong or if I need help quickly. You can definitely count on a Maker to reach out and help you right away, any time of day...or night!”

Nidal K.

“They have taken care of me from day one. Not only have they taken care of me but there’s also a pretty great group of other makers as well, so you can get support with anything.”

Eric H.

“So much great potential for such a manageable price. I earnestly recommend it for any true hobbyist or professional.”

Neveh A.

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Bigger Projects for Smaller Budgets

All of our kits provide 4’x8’ of cutting space so you'll be able to cut large CNC projects in a fraction of the space for a fraction of the cost.

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Guided Set-Up

We’ve put together a great list of easy to follow resources to get you up and running in less time than ever including assembly resources, weekly live trainings and a supportive maker community.

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Customizable for your Needs

Easily construct a frame using our easy-to-follow set-up guide. The entire machine can be scaled up or down simply by changing the length of the chain or size of the frame!

Make Anything You Think Of

Design your own digital project files or download them from the Maker community. Then just send it to your CNC machine for automated cutting while you watch your designs come to life. Router cutting and etching or Laser etching on a variety of materials:

  • Hardwoods
  • Plywoods
  • MDF
  • Laminate
  • Aluminum
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • HDPE
  • Nylon
  • PVC (Routing Only)
  • Foam
  • and More!
child's playhouse
wooden trees
wooden snowflake
wooden dollhouse
wooden bench
wooden sailboat sign
close-up leaf engraving
wooden desk
pork cuts sign
child's playhouse
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Product and Software Resources

Resources to walk you through each step from set-up to your first cuts.

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Global Maker Community

Become part of a large community of makers who share tips for setting up and using your machine and project plans.

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Unrivaled Support

US Based Dedicated Support available to provide any help you may need.

Sign up for a free demo and see it live in action and get your questions answered by a member of our technical team!

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What types of materials can the CNC cut?: + -

Our CNC’s can cut sheet goods such as: hardwoods
, plywood
, laminate
, hard plastics (acrylic, nylon, uPVC, hard PVC)
, and soft plastics (polycarbonate, polyethylene, soft PVC)
. Some users have been able to cut thin sheet aluminum using proper feed rate and bit selection.

Does the kit come with a software program or does it need to be purchased separately? + -

All software to run the machine is included. Various design softwares can be used to create your own designs and can be downloaded separately.

What is your standard warranty? + -

1 Year part replacement

Do the CNC kits come with a router? + -

No, our CNC kits do not include a router. Click here to see what our recommended routers are.

What other things do I need to buy to get up and running? + -

Router (you can view our list of recommended routers here)
2 Bricks for counterweight
Computer with internet connectivity
Wood for frame assembly - See our assembly guide for full shopping list
Optional- dust collection like a Shop Vac

Is there dust collection? + -

The M2 comes with dust collection capabilities; you will need to purchase a Shop Vac or equivalent vacuum option and simply attach to the M2.

Still got questions? Check out our knowledge base!