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Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout
Router Recommendations

Router Recommendations

The following routers have been tested by both Maker Made as well as our community for use with the Maslow CNC and M2 CNC machines.

Please ensure you are choosing the proper router for the router clamp size of your machine.

Maslow-to-M2 Upgrade Kits ship with a 91mm router clamp.

M2 Automated Cutting MachineKits include a 71mm router clamp.

Maslow CNC Basic Bundle and Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kits do not come with router clamps.

CNC Machine Router Clamp Size Included Compatible Router(s)
Maslow CNC Basic Bundle No clamp included Ridgid 2hp
(R22002) *
Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit No clamp included Ridgid 2hp
(R22002) *
Maslow to M2 Upgrade Kit 91 mm Ridgid 2hp
(R22002) *
DeWalt 618 2.25
Bosch 2.25hp
M2 Automated Cutting Machine Kit 71 mm DeWalt 611 1.25hp
(DWP611) *
Bosch Colt 1hp 
Makita 1.25hp
(RT0701C) *65mm (will work with a 3d printed adapter)
*denotes Top Recommended routers by Maker Made

We sell 71 mm and 91 mm router clamps that are compatible with all of our CNC machines. If your CNC machine doesn’t come with a router clamp, or if your compatible router doesn’t fit the clamp that comes with your machine, you can purchase the clamp that fits your compatible router below.

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