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Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout

MakerMade M2 CNC Kit

Current Price $998.00
Original Price $1,298.00

MakerMade M2 CNC Kit

Current Price $998.00
Original Price $1,298.00

The ideal CNC machine for small business owners, DIYers and hobbyists, MakerMade M2 delivers a massive cutting area and advanced capabilities at the most economical price. And with its upright 4x8 ft design, the M2 stores neatly in any garage or workspace. Simple, free software and a guided setup means you’ll be cutting awesome creations in no time.

Our best-selling CNC now features laser engraving capabilities, so checkout with the M2 + Laser option below, and enjoy our most popular offering yet. 

Comes with a clamp of your choice. 

Ships in 1-2 Business Days. M2 kits including a laser ship in 3-5 business days. Longer lead times may occur during the holiday season.

Please note the frame is not included in this kit.

Need a 65mm router? Checkout our the MakerMade CNC Router 

Take our standard 15-Foot chains to 11-Foot chains with the MakerMade Chain Breaker.

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  • MakerMade CNC Router with ER-11 collet
  • MakerMade 65mm Router Clamp
  • MakerMade 1/4

Total Price : $275.00 $49.00

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Get to Know the Highest Value CNC Ever Made

Practical CNC design for incredible projects.
  • Electronic board with improved calibration, laser capability and enhanced motion control
  • Highly Economical: No-frills design perfect for weekend warriors, side hustlers and scrappy business owners
  • Massively Capable: A 4x8 ft. cutting area, 2 ft. deep footprint and cutting speeds up to 40 inches per minute
  • Space Saving: Unique upright design provides large cutting area in a fraction of the space Fully 
  • Flexible: Cuts wood, soft metals, plastics, foam and many more materials Technically Advanced: Laser and engraving capabilities (2.8w laser and components included with laser option selection) 
  • Perfectly Tidy: Universal built-in dust collection for automated clean up

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s what comes standard with the M2:
  • Electronic board with improved calibration, laser capability and enhanced motion control
  • X, Y and Z-axis motors
  • Chain ring mount hardware
  • 15 ft drive chains
  • M2 enhanced dust collection sled
  • Standard (65 mm) router clamp
  • Velcro brick straps for added safety
  • Chain tension bungee spring
  • 1/8 in upcut, downcut, and straight cut router bits with 1/4 in to 1/8 in collet reducer
  • New, all metal Z-axis assembly with 3.8 in of total travel
  • Fully customizable dust collection solution
  • Frame wall mount brackets
Guided Set-Up

All the resources and documentation you need to easily start your project, plus live Q&A sessions with our founder/CEO every week!

Unrivaled Support

Dedicated US customer service, a community of makers ready to assist and a calibration guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee plus a 1-year parts replacement promise 

Wondering how the M2 compares to other CNC's on the market? Here's a quick look:


What You Can Make

We've got all of the resources and support you'll need to get started from building your frame through your first projects! 

Our M2 Resources Page includes our assembly and frame build guides

Download Makerverse - our free control software


Technology: CNC Cutting/Routing (Computer Numerical Controlled)

Cutting Volume: 4ft x 8ft x 3.8in (1.22m x 2.44m x 9.65cm), up to 32 sq ft

Maximum Cutting Speed: Up to 40 in/min (ipm) (17mm/s)

Material compatibility: Hardwoods, Plywood, MDF, Laminate, Hard Plastics (acrylic, nylon, uPVC, hard PVC), Soft Plastics (polycarbonate, polyethylene, soft PVC), thin sheet aluminum

Router Bit Compatibility: Any drill, milling, or specialty bit that is compatible with your router

Router Bit Size: 1/8in-1/2in (Depending on router used)

Router Specifics: Based on router used, see our recommend router list for individual differences

Accuracy: Less than 1mm variance across 32 sq ft


Weight: 23lbs (10.4kg)

Package Size: 19in x 19in x 5in (48.2cm x 48.2cm x 12.7cm)

Construction: All Metal Z-Axis, Metal Hardware, Metal Stud Mounts for Frame, Wood Sled

X,Y, and Z motors: Industrial Drive Motors

Max Plunge Depth: 3.8in (9.65cm)

Dust Collection: Metal bracket with velcro straps

Router Clamp: Metal 65mm standard (71mm or 91mm Clamp available)

Chains: 11ft (3.35m) (15ft Chains Available)

Z-Axis: All Metal Design for faster and cleaner cutting

Router: See manufacturer specifications


Power: 100-240v 50-60Hz 2.0A Input;12v, 5A Output

Arduino: Arduino DUE v1.2 Control Shield

Firmware: GBRL 1.1g

Connectivity: microUSB

Router: See manufacturer specifications


Gcode Sender: Makerverse

File Format: Gcode

Included with the M2

1-Year Limited Warranty

Guides, videos, online resources, and community

Tools for Kit Assembly

US, EU, AU, UK Power Cord Choice

USB Drive

Support by MakerMade

Router Bit Starter Set

Marker for materials and chains

Included with the Laser Addition
  • 2.8 Watt Laser diode component with mounting screws
  • Laser Shroud 
  • Adjustable Safety Compliant Laser Diode Driver
  • Power Cord (Including power adapter for international orders)
  • Laser Safety Goggles for 445nm Lasers
  • Laser Fan
  • 3 foot Mini Molex Jr. Input Cable
  • Laser and Fan Extension Cables
  • 1k ohm 1/2w (0.5Watt) ±1% Tolerance Metal Film Fixed Resistor
  • 25 mm M3 screws (If purchasing for the 71 mm clamp (2))
  • Emergency Stop Button

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James SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

This is a great machine for large format “2.5 D “ work with plywood and 3/4” stock Tech support was fantastic when I had a calibration issue

A Maker Made Customer
John K.
Australia Australia

An excellent purchase offering great flexibility

The decision to purchase our MakerMade M2 CNC Kit for our Men's Shed was made with the expectation that adding such a tool would create new opportunities for our woodworking members to develop additional skills. The building of the frame allowed a number of our members to come to terms with the concept of what cnc routing was all about. Since our unit has been completed, the group has become engaged with the opportunities that cnc routing is able to offer both for our projects and for those of the broader community.

Bill S.
United States United States


I just finished building mine with the XL frame and did my first cut which came out very good, really impressed with the accuracy. Aside from my lack of cnc knowledge it was pretty easy and I even customized the frame a bit to make it fold against the wall. You're going to want to get the digital calipers for sure, don't try to use a tape measure to calibrate it.

United States United States

Great intro CNC!

Purchased to create a backdrop (and other things) for our stage. Once you understand the abilities/limitations inherent in a vertical CNC with a sled, you can plan around those things...or at least understand when and where potential problems can occur within your design. For the price, it's unbeatable. I don't know of another CNC that can effectively cut 4x8 sheets of plywood for under $5000. Maybe they exist and maybe you have space for it...I don't. Some things to be aware of: 1) you will need 3rd party CNC software to run this, Inkscape, Easel, etc.. and something that can do SVG files, like Illustrator. Makerverse software that Makermade supplies is only to run the G-Code for the machine. 2) The machine is not that hard to put together, and the frame is easy with basic building skills, just be aware if you are making a full 4x8 cut, the farther you get to the corners the less accurate the machine is and the more likely it is to bump the floor on the bottom factor that into your spoil board height from the floor. 3) It's vertical. things will fall out if you don't tab your cutouts. 4) Honestly, I don't think you need all of the fancy elbows and stuff for the dust collection. If your shopvac has enough suction, you can run the flexible hose right up to the hole and the suction will keep it right there. The less "hard" attachments you have the less likely the machine will fight with the hose which can cause the machine to rotate and mess up your cut. Just zip tie the hose to the Z axis carriage and call it a day. The more flexible the hose the better. If you do it that way, you won't have an issue with dust collection, it actually works quite well. Our only issue has been when small pieces of material have fallen into the dust collection channel and clogged it...then it's a pain to clear it. 4) When working on a vertical canvas, thin material ( 1/8" or 1/4") has a tendency to want to "raise" up once it's cut. Be aware that the sled can bump into these raised sections and mess up your cut. So add lots of tabs to hold it down or tape works as well. Personally I would suggest MakerMade for more of a chamfer on the edge of the sled to help avoid this issue 5) To be honest, set up and calibration is a pain. I won't lie. There are YouTube videos to watch (thankfully). WATCH THE VIDEOS! If you don't, you will regret it. The videos will walk thru step by step on proper set up/calibration. We worked ours close to 50-60 hours our first 2 weeks of ownership, it worked great and accomplished our goal, but there was a learning curve. People were impressed and ecstatic with our design. Our only issues (outside of the learning curve to run the machine) were 1) our machine came with the 15ft chains for the XL version (which is awesome!) but we built our canvas for the standard version, (we didn't order the XL) meaning we had to tie up the remaining 5ft of chain on the sled and then re-measure and re-calculate to find the right chain length. HOWEVER, it will allow us to set up the XL canvas without having to order new chains! 2) The 1/4" collet that came with the MakerMade router did not fit the 1/4" MakerMade bits. The collet opening (I think) is too small making the bits too tight and would not let the collet seat properly to allow the collet nut to screw on to the router. I ordered a 1/4" ER-11 collet from Amazon and it works brilliantly (which explains the 4 stars). The 1/8" bits and collet fit fine. All in all, this is a great machine. Fun to use!

Jason P.
United States United States

Good machine but steep learning curve

Overall this is a very capable, powerful machine with a lot of potential. That said, it has been a long arduous road to get it set up and functioning correctly. This kit is not for the faint of heart - Be prepared for a lot of problem solving and investigating. Makermade provides instructions for building the frame and assembling the M2, but falls short in how to actually use the thing. There's a lot of info available online and via YouTube, but it takes a lot of digging and a consolidated video or webpage with clear step-by-step instructions would have saved me many hours of frustration. The "enhanced dust collection" is also a bit of a let down. Basically what that means is there's a hole for dust collection (which is too small and you'll need to cut it larger) and it's up to you to figure out how to attach a vac hose to it. They provide a bracket with a strap - which leaves a gap around the hose. So you'll need to put tape around it to seal it up, which will need to be taken back off if it gets clogged with wood chips. Makermade was nice to send me a free elbow connection, but this means the vac hose exits the sled in a way that doesn't let it travel to the bottom of the workspace without hitting the floor and messing up the cut. Basically you need to engineer your own dust collection connection, which I'm still working on.

Craig L.
United States United States


After much research and many videos, I am mostly happy with my purchase. Over-all I was quite disappointed with the vagueness of the setup instructions. No mention of electrical interference. No where that I saw was the mention that the router bits must be centered in the base plate hole. I finally found the correct chain setup on line. The Z setup, or the lack of wether or not it was needed, was not explained near wel enough. Overall, proper updates to the setup procedures seems to be irritatingly slow. Customer service is "meh" most of the time, taking days to respond. I spent too many hours having to locate information that should have been provided. These are constructive critisisms that hopefully will help you assist future customers!

Michael W.
United States United States

Right on par

I enjoy the m2 machine and all the features it has like the cut area and low price for what you get. I think the system desires a little more work in design but excels at small sign projects.

Daniel K.
United States United States

Unique cnc


Jim B.
United States United States

New user

Big learning curve, not as much support as I had imagined they would have & very surprised they don`t have their own operating software. It took me quite a while to understand how to set up & operate the system & there still are a number of thing's I don`t fully understand about it. I have had a few operational issues with it as well. I have made a few things with it & hope to get more use out of it this year. Over all its a little pricey for what it is.

United States United States

Super Good

Very easy to doesn't work correctly on a mac, so go PC.