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Get 30% Off Your Entire Order! Applied at checkout
CNC Kit Comparisons

CNC Kit Comparisons


Here's a quick comparison of what is included in each of our CNC kits. 

See a full list of materials and shop our kits here.

Maslow CNC Basic Bundle Maslow CNC Basic Bundle Maker Made M2 Upgrade Kit Maslow-to-M2 Upgrade Kit (Original) M2 Automated Cutting Machine
M2 Automated Cutting Machine Kit (2021)
Electronic Control Board   -  - 
Electronic Control Board with Enhanced Features -     
X,Y,Z Axis Motors   -   
Chain Ring Mount Hardware   - 
11 ft Drive Chains   -   
Chain Tension Bungee Cord   -  - 
Chain Tension Bungee Spring -     
1/8" Upcut, Downcut, and Straight Cut Router Bits with 1/4 in to 1/8 in collet reducer - 

Original M2 Dust Collection Sled -   -
Enhanced M2 Dust Collection Sled - -
Z-Axis Assembly - -
All Metal Z-Axis Assembly -  -  
91 mm router clamp - 
71 mm router clamp -  -   
Metal Brick Straps
Updated Secure Velcro Brick Straps - -
Frame Wall Mount Brackets  -  -
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