M2 Automated Cutting Machine Kit

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Make Bigger. Make Better. Make More with the M2.
The M2 is much more than a CNC machine. It’s groundbreaking making! The M2 is an affordable, easy-to-use tool for new and experienced Makers alike. Check out our detailed M2 Resources.
Developed in Arkansas.  Now Shipping All Over the World.

(Router not included) Select a power cord option to get started!


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In stock and ready to ship.  The world’s first wall-mounted CNC kit is here, ready to help you create custom furniture, signs and all kinds of BIG, creative projects from your own home. The M2 puts the power in your hands, with more cutting space for your buck than any other automated cutting machine on the market.  You simply won’t find a more capable and affordable, large format CNC kit. The M2 is your making shortcut, an introduction to woodworking/milling, and a way to make things you never dreamed possible.  

Scale and simplicity, at an unbeatable price.

Using a revolutionary, upright design, the M2 offers an enormous 4 x 8ft cutting area, without sacrificing your entire garage (or bank account).  By eliminating the heavy, expensive, and complex components of traditional CNC offerings, the M2 becomes a purpose-built, making machine without all the added fuss.

At the price point and consumed workspace of a tiny table top CNC, you get the advantages of industrial accuracy while retaining the giant cut volume of a large format machine. This is a compact tool that makes big things. With the M2, you can create anything smaller than 4’ by 8’ – a playhouse for your kids, a table for your family, a sign for your business. The setup is simple as it arrives partially assembled. It’s extremely user-friendly– with a set-it-and-forget-it calibration process. And the 3 included ⅛” bits offer extremely precise cuts.   

Tried and tested parts, made to last.

Designed and developed in the USA, nearly every major component of the M2 is custom-specced for this purpose.  From 500kg-rated drive chains to laser-cut, steel brackets, every piece is purpose-built for accurate, consistent cutting performance.

Component List:

Building on the work of Maslow CNC.

Maker Made has taken the principle of the Maslow and upgraded every key feature. The M2 cuts up to 40% faster, its motor is cooler and more efficient, the router bit is smaller for better accuracy. The machine is compatible with any control software and is no longer tied to Maslow-specific software.

  • Improved Z-Axis control and speed
  • Updated Chain Slack Management
  • Intuitive New Makerverse Control Software; compatible with any Machine Control Software
  • Moves to a ⅛” bit from ¼” for Greater Accuracy
  • Better, Attractive Aesthetics with a Screen Printed Sled
  • Easier Setup with a Partially Assembled Machine in the Box
  • NEW Mounting Brackets for Extremely Easy Storage

Download the complete assembly, calibration, and software guide

Unlike with other automated cutting tools, you won’t need an advanced degree to get your M2 setup.  We offer an easy-to-follow, plain English assembly guide that covers every last detail of the process.  You can click the image below to visit our resources page and download right now!

Already have a Maslow?

Don’t sweat it, because M2 is completely backwards compatible!  Check out the Maslow-to-M2 upgrade Kit HERE

With the upgrade kit, you only get the components you don’t already have, PLUS we include a larger router mount for your fixed base router.

What can you create with M2?

We’re working hard to get plenty of project images up for the M2.  In the meantime, you can visit our Instagram page HERE to see some of the incredible projects users have already made with the original Maslow!

Join a growing community of like-minded and supportive Makers:

Purchasing your new M2 kit from Maker Made is just the start.  Just as important as these great products are the incredible MM community members who share designs, collaborate on builds, and send out digital high-five’s for a project well done.  As a follower of our Facebook Page or member of our Owners Group, you’ll be the first to see new product launches, have visibility to contests, prizes, and promotions, and even possible access to our Beta Testing program.  For a flavor of what you can expect in the growing Maker Made communities, see below!

Just some of the incredible work made by (and shared with) the Maker Made community

Our Guarantee:

At Maker Made, we’re 100% committed to the customer and maker community above all else.  If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.  If you ever have any issues with your purchase, let us know, and we’ll make it right. Tag your projects! #MakerMadeMaker


  1. Does the complete M2 kit come with a router?  No, the M2 doesn’t include a router in the box.  Many users will already have a router, so we decided to keep it separate from the kit.  Check back soon for router options we will have for sale on the site!
  2. Do you have a list of compatible routers?  We are working to test as many router options as possible.  Currently, we can recommend
    • DeWalt 611
    • Bosch Colt 1hp (PR20EVSK)
    • If you’re unsure whether your router will fit, the mounting bracket is made for a 71mm router barrel diameter.
  3. What other things do I need to buy to get up and running?  
      • Router- see #2 above for router options
      • Computer with internet connectivity
      • Wood for frame assembly (handy assembly guide coming soon)
      • Optional- dust collection like a Shop Vac
  4. Is there dust collection?  The M2 comes with dust collection capabilities; you will need to purchase a Shop Vac or equivalent vacuum option and simply attach to the M2.
  5. Does the kit include wall-mounting components?  Absolutely!  The kit comes with 4 wall-mounting brackets for rapid assembly and a slimmer profile.  You will need to get some pieces of wood from your local hardware store.  Wall-mount specs will be releasing soon.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Power Cord Type


2 reviews for M2 Automated Cutting Machine Kit

  1. Tony D. / Commando Designs

    This machine is the real deal. It took me a day to figure out the calibration (I pre-ordered so the instructions were a bit scarce / since been updated / and with the new Makerverse software, calibration looks to be a ton easier.) I was skeptical, but the accuracy is awesome. This is a game changer for the hobbyist. I’m already building fit-together type projects that are spot on. You’re only limitation is your design skills. Can’t wait to expand my maker repertoire using this amazing tool.

  2. Ashir

    I had pre-ordered in June and got my M2 on August 07 in Canada. I am in the process of putting together the frame and assembly. I love the new frame its easy to make. I like the information provided and the videos but I am unhappy and totally lost with setting up the router.
    I tried buying the Ridgid R22002 in Canada but could not find it in Ontario, I finally bought R29303 from Home Depot but almost midnight as I try to attach the router I find out that Ridgid is too big for the M2 Z axis assembly and that I should buy either Bosch Colt, Makita or Dewalt 611.
    This is an unpleasant surprise for me, I wish I knew earlier and somehow I resent going down from a 2 HP router to 1.25 HP. I think bigger is better and we should have opted for a more powerful machine not less.
    Anyway I will return the Ridgid and find one of the smaller ones and resume assembly.

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