revolutionary 3D printing for just $599

Easy assembly, with a customizable open-source design that allows you to get up and making faster.

save on time

customize your machine

Make great stuff

Discover Your Inner Maker

Get up and running with your very own 3D Printer

  • Our all metal, cartesian style frame allows for a build volume of 300x300x400mm. The rigid chassis is capable of maintaining its calibration after hundreds of hours of use.
  • The control board has removable stepper drivers and additional ports for future upgrades and expandability.
  • Our 3DP uses simple USB Flash Drive plugin connectivity (no micro USB required).
  • The large 3.2in color touch screen provides full control over your prints. The screen has plug and play support for many printing accessories; no mainboard swap required.
  • The integrated Raspberry Pi is compatible with pre-drilled internal mounts for those that want to use Octoprint.
  • All the software is included and you’ll be able to set the Maker300 up in under an hour.

Already a CNC owner?

Our Maker Made 300 3D Printers are the perfect companion tool to our CNC kits. Print CNC compatible parts PLUS make CNC + 3DP projects.

As makers, our team has been 3D printing for years and we realized that a better, simpler, more user friendly option was something we could create in-house. So, we spent months researching components, scouring customer feedback and testing ideas to come up with the entirely new product you see here. The Maker Made Maker300 is both familiar and revolutionary in its design and we know it will become an essential tool for you and your projects. 

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Wondering about set up?

Set up is quick and easy with just 6 mount screws and 10 easy cable plugins. PLUS we’ve got assembly videos available to walk you through the entire process step-by-step

Frequently Asked Questions

You can setup the Maker300 in minutes out of box. Mount 6 screws and plug 10 cables.

All of the necessary tools and hardware for set up are included in the box. We even include a sample of PLA filament and some sample files to get you started printing.

The Maker300 allows for a build volume of 300x300x400mm

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